The travel Agency bounty Tuapse - AUSTRIA from Krasnodar and Rostov
Austria – fairly compact country with, however, the variety of landscapes and diversity of cultural heritage. Majestic cities, charming villages, soaring mountains, sprawling plains, Royal resorts of mineral waters, Alpine…

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Germany a book was published, warning of major geophysical catastrophe century Literature
German publishing house LAMBERT Academik Publishing a monograph by Leonid Papyrin "Sarez lake. The results of geophysical research, scenario catastrophe, security". The book goes far beyond the scope of scientific…

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Amazing volcanic lake

Such a lake may be formed in several different ways: first of all, it can be a simple crater filled with water. Another way of forming, when a volcano erupts, releasing a large amount of magma. After that, the emptiness, falling under the weight of the earth and forming a crater that eventually filled with water. All these lakes explosive past, magnificent present and a potentially destructive future. Each of the volcanic lakes contain their own story.

Lake Ijen

Lake Ijen crater located in East Java, Indonesia. It is located in a group of stratovolcanoes, in the Ijen volcano. Acid lake 1 km wide, with water a beautiful turquoise color. This is a known point of the mining industry for the extraction of sulfur, because one side of the lake there are active geysers, it was time to bring sulfur to the surface. There’re breaking it into pieces and transferred from the crater in baskets. Molten, hot red sulphur passes through the channels, putting off the bottom, where it cools, taking a bright yellow color.

The Caldera lake of Coatepeque

Coatepeque Caldera is a volcanic Caldera in El Salvador. It was formed after a series of huge eruptions 72,000 and 54,000 years ago. After these two large volcanic er formed cones and volcanic domes, and large areas of lava flows along the Western edge of the Caldera. On the Eastern side of the Caldera is situated the volcanic Continue reading

The Amazing lakes of the world

The majority of large and small lakes is not only a source of drinking water, but also important tourist sites. Before you eight amazing lakes in the world. Let’s find out what exactly they are remarkable and why they are worth seeing.Titicaca: the largest reserves of fresh water mountain lake

Where: South America; Peru and Olivepomace it is comparable to the size of Crete — about 8300 sq km. From the plane it looks like a sea, but when viewed from the shore in places is reminiscent of a marsh overgrown with reeds. The people here move carefully, looking at the ground, as they walk on muddy dirt. Cane everywhere and do everything — clothes, hats, bags, home and the island on which they live. There is a legend that long ago the Aymara Indians, crossing his pirogue in the lake, were on the territory of the Incas. To get the two peoples failed, but to go home the proud Aymara did not — decided that it will float on the lake. Since they live on the reed Islands, rafts, decoration reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian court.Change: the high-mountain crater lake

Where there are: Asia; on the border of China and North Korea.The shoreline of this lake is situated at a height of 2189 m above sea level, so Change called “Heavenly lake”. It is surrounded by winding mountain Continue reading

Travel to Philippines
To the Philippines – via Hong Kong. To the Philippines via Bangkok. To the Philippines via Dubai. The algorithm of searching for cheap flight tickets. Routes the Philippines The island…


Top most beautiful lakes in the world
LAKE BAIKAL, RUSSIA The ranking of the most beautiful lakes could not have taken place without the handsome Siberian lake Baikal. The deepest lake in the world covers an area…