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Danakil – desert volcanic, nothing like the “classic” faded desert sand seas, with their veil of millennial peace. There is constantly felt seismic activity: sensitively dormant volcanoes, bubbling chemical lake. Landscapes evoke cosmic associations. Here’s a field of lava covered with colored precipitation of the fumes, that’s unprecedented lake fancy colors. All under the vast dome of the African sky. How here not to remember “the Martian Chronicles”? However, some tourists do not speak about Mars, but about a branch of hell on earth and hostile Mordor. They can understand, after all to travel in Danakil very hard. First, severe climate. The average annual temperature here is 34 degrees, in the afternoon summer heat is holding steady at about +50. In winter, twenty degrees easy. Secondly, no infrastructure. The most that you can hope for is to rent a jeep, which will be the transport, and housing. And the third is the political situation. Armed conflict in Ethiopia case is the same everyday, as for Muscovites – tube. Moreover, AESA is the terrain, border with Eritrea.

And yet, for those who are willing to risk comfort for the sake of pilgrimage to the reserved beauty of the Earth, Danakil is an excellent goal. There’s so few places where you can see the face of our planet untouched as it was millions of years ago.

Is the surroundings of the volcano Dallol. Astronomers say they are about the same landscapes have on IO, Jupiter’s moon. There is also andesite rocks covered with yellow sulphur patterns. The dallol – a strict bedtime sleeping volcano. In 1926 he showed until the last powerful activity, then the explosion formed a large lake violet-yellow.

Such holes, through which the streams escape of magmatic gases, called fumaroles.

Mineral deposits of volcanic divide the lake into segments.

Living fountain and the stone flower.

This is the perfect oval of the crater of the stratovolcano bastard Ale. Its height of almost 300 meters. He’s not spewing lava, but compensates for it’s thermal Spa activity.

The main “star” of Danakil – active volcano ERTA Ale. He’s one of the few in the world living with volcanoes lava lake. So, if you have the ring that needs to be rid of – you know where to go.

From the helicopter it seems that the two crater ERTA Ale is located on a plane, but actually the height of the volcano is 613 meters, and with each new eruption, which occur regularly from mid 1960-ies, he grows up.

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