Acid vallances lake

Acidic lake located in the crater of Maly Semyachik volcano in Kamchatka is one of the amazing beauty of the natural phenomena, admire that will not everyone.

The journey to this most interesting for the observation object can be a great adventure, for overcoming of which, tourists will be rewarded with stunning panoramas of the valleys and volcanic scenery of the lake, an unusually bright turquoise color, found nowhere else on the planet.

To start any expedition need to arrive in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. This can be done by regular flights, or book a private jet. Moreover, it is possible to organize flights not only to one person but a whole team, if such a trip is conceived, as a corporate guest.

The next route is to continue on the helicopter, or shift the car, because Maly Semyachik is located at 155 km North of the capital of Kamchatka Krai. Stationary placement of the group can be arranged in the village Zhupanova, but the volcano itself will have to break camp.

Upon arrival, you can get closer to one of the active volcanoes of Kamchatka. It is composed of three volcanic cones of different ages. Their vents towering above the surrounding plain at 1560 meters. The oldest of them Paleo-Semyachik have any more than 20 thousand years ago, a younger Meso-Semyachik has age about 11 thousand years, and the formation of the youngest of Kaino-Semyachik going on for about 7000 years.

It is the South-Western volcano is active and attracts thrill-seekers.

Ascent to the crater is the culmination of the entire journey. Climbing on top, the adventurers find themselves on the edge of the crater that goes to 200 meters down. The bottom of the crater filled with bright turquoise water acid lake whose depth is more than 150 meters and a diameter of about 600m.

Thanks to constant activity of the volcano the lake water is warm, and because of the constant release of sulfur and acidic compounds, it has a temperature in the range of 30 to 45 degrees and completely opaque. Compounds of acids of sulphur and constantly create small weighted dispersion, which even aluminum corrodes.

Feature this miracle of nature is that it can disappear at any moment, because over the last two centuries, peaks of activity of this volcano was observed four times. At any time, at the bottom of the crater can be formed faults, are sufficient to active evaporation and subsequent disappearance of this beautiful lake.

The water in the lake does not freeze, but depending on the light changes its shades from turquoise to silver. Around the volcanic cone stretches the plain, pitted with craters of volcanoes nearby. Views of these spaces is shocking and remains forever etched in memories.

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