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Top 10 biggest lake in the world

The beauty of our planet lies in its mountains, forests, plains, cliffs and, of course, lakes. It is true that we have already considered various man-made reservoirs, but now we explore the largest lake in the world . regardless of whether they are natural or created with human assistance. So let’s consider the rating itself :

10. Great Slave lake – 28,930 km2

Thanks to its transparency you can see whole beautiful nature under water, Great Slave Lake is a well-known Canadian reservoir. Its approximate length 28930 km2 (11170 square miles). It is the deepest and the most beautiful lake of Canada, on which tourists come to have a great time.

9. Lake Malawi – 30,044 km2

Lake Malawi approx length 30044 km2 (11600 sq mi). This lake is one of the great African lakes . Its boundary connects Tanzania, Mozambique and Malawi.

8. Great bear Lake-31,080 km2

Length of Big Bear lake is approximately 31080 km2 (12,000 square miles). This lake is situated in Canada and is connected at its one Bank with the United States. In winter it is covered with ice, and the local people love to come and admire its icy beauty.

7. Lake Baikal – 31,500 km2

Length of lake Baikal, according to experts, is 31500 km2 (12200 square miles). This lake is in Russia and is one of the deepest lakes in the world. One of the most beautiful waterfall is enough to make it an attractive place for tourists.

6. Lake Tanganyika – 32,893 km2

Lake Tanganyika has a length of 32 893 km2 (of 12,700 square miles). Estimated depth of the lake is 1470 meters (4820 feet). It was divided among four countries-Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi and Zambia.

5. Lake Michigan-58,000 km2

Lake Michigan shoreline length of about 58,000 km2 (22,000 square miles). This is one of the five Great lakes of the world. It’s a bit like lake Huron and is entirely in the United States. In addition, lake Michigan is named for a reason, maybe a prerequisite was that it connects Chicago and Milwaukee. It is fifth among the largest lakes in the world .

4. Lake Huron – 59,600 km2

Beautiful lake Huron is located in North America. Its approximate length 59600 sq km (23 sq mi 011). The location is extremely favourable due to the fact that the lake is close to the surrounding beautiful areas.

3. Lake Victoria-69,485 km2

Lake Victoria is about 69 485 km2 (26828 sq mi) in length. This is one of the largest lakes in the world. He is in Africa, and its borders connect Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

2. Top of the lake – 82,414 km2

Lake superior length of about 82414 km2 (31820 square miles). Its boundary connects Canada and the United States. This lake is the most beautiful and largest body of water in North America.

1. Caspian sea-371,000 km2

The Caspian sea has an area of about 371 000 square km and a length of 1199 km (745 miles). It is the largest lake in the world . and it is also one of the most beautiful lakes of Asia. Its oceanic base contains a large variety of fish and plant special is that the lake has no outlet to other seas and oceans. Its boundaries connect Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.


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