Baikal Day. Help
12 September is celebrated as a regional holiday - Day of Baikal. Day Baikal established in 1999, after turning the lake into the UNESCO world natural heritage site by UNESCO…

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Amazing volcanic lake

Such a lake may be formed in several different ways: first of all, it can be a simple crater filled with water. Another way of forming, when a volcano erupts, releasing a large amount of magma. After that, the emptiness, falling under the weight of the earth and forming a crater that eventually filled with water. All these lakes explosive past, magnificent present and a potentially destructive future. Each of the volcanic lakes contain their own story.

Lake Ijen

Lake Ijen crater located in East Java, Indonesia. It is located in a group of stratovolcanoes, in the Ijen volcano. Acid lake 1 km wide, with water a beautiful turquoise color. This is a known point of the mining industry for the extraction of sulfur, because one side of the lake there are active geysers, it was time to bring sulfur to the surface. There’re breaking it into pieces and transferred from the crater in baskets. Molten, hot red sulphur passes through the channels, putting off the bottom, where it cools, taking a bright yellow color.

The Caldera lake of Coatepeque

Coatepeque Caldera is a volcanic Caldera in El Salvador. It was formed after a series of huge eruptions 72,000 and 54,000 years ago. After these two large volcanic er formed cones and volcanic domes, and large areas of lava flows along the Western edge of the Caldera. On the Eastern side of the Caldera is situated the volcanic lake called lake Coatepeque. This lake covers an area of 26 sq. km. making it one of the largest lakes in El Salvador. There are hot springs constantly fill Coatepeque water. Remarkable island called Teopan, which was a sacred place for the Maya.

Lake Towada on Honshu island

Lake Towada is the largest crater lake in Japan, and the 12th largest in Japan. It is located in the Caldera of an active volcano with the last major eruption Dating to around 13,000 years ago. Home is actually located in the Caldera of a double, since a small eruption destroyed one of the Caldera under the lake approximately 5,400 years ago. Moments of volcanic eruptions is well documented in history, and the last known eruption was around 1000 years ago. Destructive ash and pyroclastic flows destroyed crops and even influenced the decrease of temperature, after which came a cold winter and a severe famine.

Lake Volcano Katmai

The volcano Katmai complex stratovolcanoes found on the Alaska Peninsula in southern Alaska. In the center is filled Caldera lake, approximately 4 km in diameter. The Caldera was formed during the eruption Novarupta in 1912, her frame now reaches a maximum of 2,047 meters. The volcano almost nothing was known before a huge eruption in 1912, uninhabitable places, but some of the entries left a nearby village from the 1800’s, that the volcano Katmai in the field often shows activity.

The lake Laach in Germany

The lake of Laach, also known as Laacher see, is in the Caldera of Rhineland, Germany. Approximately 9 km in diameter, near the cities of Koblenz (24 km), Bonn (37 km), Andernach (8 km), and Mayen (11 km), at a distance of 8 km from the river Rhine. The Caldera was formed after the massive eruption of Laacher Zee, which occurred approximately 12,900 years ago. About 6 cubic km of magma was cast out; almost 16 cubic km of ash thrown into the atmosphere. This eruption caused global cooling, and the ashes can be found throughout Europe, with many unique minerals that were in the area.

Lake Taupo in New Zealand

Crater Lake

Crater lake is a beautiful Caldera lake in South-Central Oregon, USA. It has a stunning dark blue water, perfectly transparent. Crater is the main attraction in the National Park of the same name. The lake is one of the cleanest of water masses in the States with the clarity of 43.3 meters deep. It was formed approximately 7,700 years ago when the volcano mountains to Mazamet fell into the Caldera beneath it. It is believed that an Indian tribe Klamath saw the fall of the Brocket deer and the formation of crater Lake. Their legends and stories speak of the great battle between the sky God and Skill Llao, God of the underworld. The mountain was destroyed during the battle, and created the amazing beauty of the lake. The Klamath people used the lake to search for the visions, it still plays an important role in the spiritual life of the tribe. Crater also known as “old man” is a once great tree, now a stump that grew in the middle of the lake for over a century. It is well preserved by the cold water temperature.

Heaven lake in China

Heaven lake is situated on the border between China and North Korea. It is located in Caldera and covers approximately 9.82 km sq This is a stunningly beautiful lake that is usually covered by ice from October until June. It is also the home of a legendary monster, called the Monster of Lake Tianchi. In 1903, he was noticed for the first time. The establishment looked like a Buffalo and attacked 3 people, then stepped back into the water, before it received 6 bullets. In 1962 people viewing the surroundings through the telescope, said he saw the two creatures chased each other in the water, and hundreds of people confirmed the observation in the same day. Description of the monster changed over the years, now it was a creature with a 1.5-meter neck, with a white ring around the base of his neck and gray skin. In 2007, a reporter named Zhuo Yongsheng said shot 20 minutes of video, showing six unidentified creatures swimming in the lake. He showed snippets of film in which six unidentified creatures swam and interacted with each other. He said they swam around for almost 1 hour, before hiding under the water.

Baikal Day. Help
12 September is celebrated as a regional holiday - Day of Baikal. Day Baikal established in 1999, after turning the lake into the UNESCO world natural heritage site by UNESCO…


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