The travel Agency bounty Tuapse – AUSTRIA from Krasnodar and Rostov

Austria – fairly compact country with, however, the variety of landscapes and diversity of cultural heritage. Majestic cities, charming villages, soaring mountains, sprawling plains, Royal resorts of mineral waters, Alpine lakes – all this creates a picturesque scene.

Located in Central Europe, Austria is surrounded on all sides by land. The country shares borders with Germany and Czech Republic to the North, Slovakia and Hungary to the East, Slovenia and Italy to the South and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the West. For six centuries, Austria was the center of the great Habsburg Empire, which at its peak included territories of modern Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, as well as large parts of Romania, Bulgaria and the Balkans. Although Austria does not play a dominant role in the European Union, it is one of the most interesting European destinations.

The country’s capital, Vienna, was once the citadel of the Habsburgs, it is to them we owe the abundance of beautiful attractions. The city is an architectural jewel and musical centre since the middle ages. Among the beauties of the city – Hofburg Imperial Palace and the adjoining Augustinian Church.

Salzburg, gave the world Mozart, is a picturesque town, surrounded on all sides by mountains. A trip to Salzburg should definitely include a visit to the Fortress Hohensalzburg, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Abbey of St. Peter. Four kilometers South of Salzburg is the magnificent Palace and Park complex the Palace was primarily “amusing” fountains.

Austria is a “winter Paradise”! Winter Alps offer extensive opportunities for winter sports: the toboggan slides, ski slopes, cross-country skiing, skating on frozen lakes, sledding.

Austria is “summer Paradise”: green valleys, Alpine meadows, crystal clear lakes. There are plenty of opportunities for sports activities, leisure time with children and getting to know the country and people.

Austria is recreation, which serves all Federal lands of the Republic. Amazing nature, beautiful landscapes, healing springs (such as in bad Gastein – Salzburger land), Roman baths (“Thermae” in Baden – lower Austria), as well as numerous resorts with highly qualified staff.

If you are tired from stress at work and at home, we will visit the small Spa town of Baden near Vienna (lower Austria). The resort is famous for its sulfurous thermal springs and numerous pools. All water procedures are to rest, relaxation and recovery of the body. And in his spare time from treatment you can explore the city.

Cities in Austria lure tourists with its architecture that covers all major styles from Gothic and Renaissance to postmodernism. Enjoy the same grandeur of the Austrian Alps in winter and summer. Roads lead to sky-high heights by Alpine meadows and cozy mountain shelters. And you can observe the flight of birds in the blue sky and the peacefully grazing cows and then drink a Cup of fragrant coffee in one of cozy small restaurants, of which there are so many, and enjoy the extraordinary taste of Austrian desserts.

Vienna cakes is different from other Austrian his polysyllabic and virtuoso decoration. Cakes with cream of champagne, mouth-watering sponge cake, covered with a light yogurt cream with

fresh fruit – such things can be enjoyed exclusively in the homeland of Strauss.

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