A Trip to the lake Shap ()
Hi all! I want to tell you how we went to the lake Shap in our the Mari Republic! Shap is a lake, go 21 km on the highway and…

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A Journey in the UAE
The state is fairly young compared with other countries, but with a unique and compelling story consistently happy campers fun, and most importantly, safe tours. The UAE is one of…

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Karelia Tours 2015

Have a Rest during weekend tours in Karelia

Holidays in Karelia will bring you not only new impressions, but also improve health. This Northern region is known for its piercingly blue lakes, forested hills and fast-flowing rivers. They come here on tours to Karelia, those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and wants to stock up on energy and vitality in the fresh air. In addition to the beautiful views here are nice and pleased with the climate, especially good winter here. The summer is usually humid and warm. Tours in Karelia may be made at any time of the year, because in addition to favorable climatic conditions this region is rich in Holy places.

Sights Of Karelia

Tours to Karelia from Moscow familiarize tourists with the architectural monuments and ancient places, but there are also several museums under the open sky, in which are collected various valuable from the point of view of history and architecture objects. Bus tours to Karelia be sure to include a visit to Kizhi island, where you can see the unique Belfry, eight-winged windmill, churches and chapels. If a tour of Karelia from Moscow includes visiting the island of Valaam, then you will see the monastery and two unusual lakes, interconnected by channels. At any bus tours to Karelia, you will enjoy beautiful views of the local nature.

Extreme entertainment tours to Karelia

Very popular among tourists participating in tours weekend in Karelia . enjoy extreme activities like rafting. But local rafting is very hospitality of the river Shuya, which is favorable even to beginners. If you want to try rafting during the tour to Karelia for the weekend . you can safely go on Shuya, the sills of which are very convenient. Going down the rapids become more complex, but unexpectedly dangerous places there, so even beginners in the bulk to cope with the river. Weekend tours in Karelia can also include Hiking in the local wooded hills. During this walking tour in Karelia for the weekend you will be able to see the blue and the Karelian lakes, and rare species of plants and almost untouched forests.

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Wildlife Sanctuaries of the Pinega land and the Kargopol area: 40 years on nature conservation · site of the government of the Arkhangelsk region
In the South-West of the Monastery of the sanctuary is a large lake Red Perch On March 4, in the Arkhangelsk region, three protected areas (PAS) regional value – Monastery,…