A Trip to the Lake Ritsa. Part1. Attractions. Around Sochi
Notes traveler and not only)) Yesterday, together with the user Badwolf, I decided to go to the lake Ritsa. Initially, the trip was planned from Sochi with a guided tour,…

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Wildlife Sanctuaries of the Pinega land and the Kargopol area: 40 years on nature conservation · site of the government of the Arkhangelsk region
In the South-West of the Monastery of the sanctuary is a large lake Red Perch On March 4, in the Arkhangelsk region, three protected areas (PAS) regional value – Monastery,…

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Japan. Part three. Noboribetsu-Sapporo-Asahikawa

A continuation of the rich program of our four-day trip was a visit to Noboribetsu. In this town we arrived to the hotel Takimoto Inn. And the main point of the plan was to visit the Onsen. There we spent a few hours alternating between the bath and the temperature of the water, located both in the indoor and outdoor. The Onsen is closed for only an hour at night for cleaning. The rest of the time its doors are open to all located in the hotel thermal complex. To know their easily on branded Yucatan — Japanese robes.

The onsens — it’s a whole culture in Japan. There are specific rituals and rules of their use. The Japanese use a few days off and holidays, a short break to relax and improve your health through the healing power of natural springs that abound in this country. For fans of all individual there are hotels, right on the balcony of the room, say, after skiing, you can enjoy snow-capped views in private mini Onsen. Simply chic, isn’t it?

Here and now is the time to talk about rotemburo. I think this is one of the highest manifestations of the Japanese bath tradition. It combines pleasure for body and soul. As a rule, open-air bath is placed in picturesque places, where the landscape is conducive to contemplation and meditation. The sense of smell is refined softwood extracts, distributed specially planted near trees. And the body is softened in the thermal water. The temperature difference tones. All together has miraculous effect on health and mood. Photography is not accepted. Yes and steam will not allow you to take great shots. So you have to mentally draw a picture in my verbal description. And from experience to experience, if you wish, how good Japanese rotemburo.

The valley of geysers Noboribetsu, constantly heated water of Onsen is called «Jigokudani» (valley of hell).

And what’s so hellish in all of this, it is not clear, isn’t it?) In my opinion, very cute guys)

In Noboribetsu, what to do, and in addition to the Onsen. After going up the funicular, we were in the Park bears.

They, as you can see, greet visitors. At the entrance sells special biscuits, which they can feed.

In the Museum under the open sky, like watching the life and the life of the indigenous population of the Japanese land — now indigenous people the Ainu.

With mountains of beautiful scenery. Here is, for example, a volcanic lake.

In the town there are many shops with Souvenirs and traditional Japanese cuisine. You can see how the delicacies are made of fish. It’s my pleasure to do.

Sapporo, through which our path lay in Asahikawa,

we went to the fish market, where in one of the restaurants we had dinner in the Japanese style.

The night we were in Asahikawa. Walking down the evening streets we got acquainted with the city and its «inhabitants».

Even managed to sing karaoke. From Russian songs in the menu found «Million red roses», which, as it turned out, I love the Japanese.

The next day we went back home. But before leaving managed to another interesting event: a tasting of sake. To be completely honest, I had no idea that this Japanese drink can have such a variety of flavors. We were told about the manufacturing technology, held at the Museum dedicated to sake, and, finally, were treated to several of his species.

In my opinion and taste, Japanese cuisine is the most spicy blends heated …

The minute scheduled to the platform is moored vehicle, judging by the streamlined high-tech form only as a superfast rocket. Her gauntlet servants, literally a couple of minutes ready to order and unwrapping all the seats strictly according to the direction of motion. Out of the cab fit the pilot. This is the Shinkansen.

On the island of Odaiba us lucky train. There is no driver, it’s controlled by automation. This Yurikamome.

About the Japanese ways to travel more I will discuss in the following parts of their «sketches».

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