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Where is the most transparent and clean water

Despite the fact that environmental problems every day are becoming more acute, there on our green planet where water is clean and clear. We offer you to travel a bit. Perhaps somewhere you can go alone or have already visited.

Look at the running water a person can almost endlessly. Although, not only the current, otherwise we did not get in offices, houses and apartments aquariums. fish inhabiting them. algae and snails.

If the aquarium attracts you less than the trip, the story about the cleanest waters of the world will be at least interesting. So, the cleanest lake of the planet.

Five flower lake

This curious body of water lies in the nature reserve of Jiuzhaigou. This territory is included in the world Heritage list of UNESCO and is located in Sichuan province in South-East China, and its name translates as “Valley of Nine Villages”.

Five flower lake – highland. It is located at the altitude of 2472 meters above sea level, between Panda lake and Pearl waterfall. The water in this lake is so clear that you can easily and to consider in detail the trunks of fallen trees lying on the bottom of the reservoir.

Unlike other lakes five flower Lake does not freeze in cold weather and because local people believe this pond is sacred. Most of the time the lake water is bright blue. But sometimes it becomes yellow, deep green, silver or purple. Its water is rich in calcium carbonate, and colors and flora of the lake are truly spectacular.

Crater Lake

Of the reserves of China are transported into the United States. Here in Oregon, in the eponymous national Park is the lake, which is famous for its deep blue color and the purity of the water.

The depth of Crater lake is 594 meters. This pond is the deepest lake in the U.S., second deepest in North America and seventh in the world.

7500 years ago the top of mount Mazama was literally swept away by a Grand eruption, which is considered the largest on the allocated energy for the last 10 thousand years. In place of the top a depression formed (Caldera), the correct almost round shape. Over time, there began to accumulate water and then there is the lake.

After the eruption the volcanic activity did not stop for some time, resulting in among the lake there is an island with a correct crater, called Wizard Island (Wizard Island). One of the Islands on the lake are not visible from all points of the coast and therefore got the name of the Ghost Ship (Phantom Ship).

Formed in the crater of a long extinct volcano, the lake has no tributaries or effluents. It is fed exclusively by precipitation and melting snow. This ensures extraordinary cleanliness of water in the lake. The depth of visibility here is 35-40 meters.

Piccaninnie Ponds

These beautiful ponds are located in Australia. That’s just to get on the territory of this Park is hard to get right of entry into this protected area will have to pass many levels and to collect a number of documents. Especially (!) if you intend to dive under the water here.

Yes, Piccaninnie ponds is a great place for cave diving. And permission to dive here are issued through the Ministry of protection of natural resources. Documents cannot be shared with anyone, and violations of the rules of the reserve can and does lead to legal proceedings, but the beauty of the local nature is fascinating.

It is best to go here from March to October. The reserve is 491 km South-East of Adelaide, in South Australia.

Lake Seasar

From Australia back to the expanses of Eurasia. Or rather – to the North of Pakistan. Here is one of the cleanest lakes in the world lake Seasar. In translation the name means “Blind lake”. This name is connected with the surrounding landscape: the lake is surrounded by mountains, green plains and it seems as if someone carefully tried to hide from the prying eyes of this incredibly beautiful natural phenomenon.

The reservoir is located on the territory of one of Pakistan’s reserves in the national Park Deosai in the North of the country. Lake shoreline is so perfect that it may seem like over its contours worked people. However, this is not true and the Creator of this beauty is nature itself.

Of course it is impossible to ignore the lake Baikal. It is not only the deepest fresh water reservoir on the planet, but also one of the cleanest lakes. The transparency of water in Baikal up to 40 meters. At this time the lake water is blue.

In summer and autumn when the sun warmed the sea grows a lot of plants and animals, its transparency decreased to 8-10 m, and the color changes to blue-green and green.

The basic properties of the Baikal water can be described as follows: it contains very few dissolved and suspended mineral substances, negligible organic impurities, a lot of oxygen.

The origin of the Baikal still causes scientific disputes. Age of lake scientists traditionally estimate in 25-35 million years. This fact also does Baikal by unique natural object as the majority of lakes, especially glacial origin, live an average of 10-15 thousand years, and then filled with muddy sediments and zavolakivaya.

There is no doubt that the lake is located in the rift trough and the structure is similar, for example, the Dead sea. Some researchers explain the formation of Baikal to its location in the zone transform fault, while others suggest the presence beneath the Baikal mantle plume, third explain the formation of hollow passive rifting as a result of the collision of the Eurasian plate and the Indian subcontinent. Be that as it may, the transformation of Baikal is still going on — in the vicinity of lake earthquakes often happen.


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