A Trip to the Lake Ritsa. Part1. Attractions. Around Sochi

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Yesterday, together with the user Badwolf, I decided to go to the lake Ritsa. Initially, the trip was planned from Sochi with a guided tour, but on Sunday visits, there was not, so we went to Gagra and decided to look for tour from there.

She was found almost immediately, 450 p we were offered a tour of the lake Ritsa. Note that from Sochi tour is worth 1200r. and it is less interesting, as the only stop in 3 places, tour of Gagra meant a stop at the waterfalls of Male and Female tears, OSPARCOM the canyon, the Blue lake, the observation deck “farewell homeland”, and directly on the lake. Also, for an additional cost of 200p. we were offered to go for another waterfalls Bird’s beak and Dairy, as well as view of the lake from the height of bird flight. It I all to what the tour from Abkhazia not only more profitable, but also more interesting. The place is very beautiful in the way quite a lot, so I decided to break my story into several parts to show more.

The first attraction on the way to Ritsa lake is a waterfall Women’s tears.

The legend says that she lived in the edge of a shepherds ‘ family. Beautiful daughter went to the river to herd goats and sing to her fiance. Young love was so strong, and the songs so lovely that the local mermaids took fierce envy. They decided to kill beauty. While the groom was minding my own business, the villain trapped the girl, carried her to the top of the mountain and was going to throw down. The bitter tears of the cowherd boys ran down the cliff and reached the river. From there rose the indignant God of water brought such fear into the mermaids that they horror turned into stones. And in memory of the miraculous deliverance the rock is still flowing gentle clean jet.

Next we were offered to taste different varieties of honey, tried Apitonus, according to the beekeeper, a very useful thing, the beekeeper honey which wild bees make, and I get it solely from a hollow, as was the Mead, and different varieties of eucalyptus and chestnut honey. The beekeeper showed a very interesting thing, how to check the quality of honey is poured into a plate of honey and poured on top of water, then it’s all talk and at this point on the loom honeycomb honey. As said, the beekeeper manifests itself in the information field of honey.

Next stop was the very beautiful Blue Lake. It is small, but said to be very deep, to the bottom still could not be anyone to obtain. The lake water is about 10 degrees. I decided to splash there feet were very cold, a minute or more to be impossible. The legend of the origin of the lake is this:

“Where now the Blue lake, in ancient times was a cave in which lived a century the elder — priest. His snow-white beard hung down almost to the ground, and unusually blue eyes radiated wisdom and kindness. This experienced person was last known hunter. When he was old, he distanced himself from people to be closer to nature, and dwelt in the cave. Local hunters often came to him for advice, his knowledge of mountain tracks, animals ‘ habits and their ejection. For his helpful advice hunters considered it their duty, returning home, to leave him one skin of dead animals and some meat.

One day, in inclement weather, in these places was a stranger and asked for shelter in a cave to the old man. He hospitably took them in. Treated them, a hermit was shown a place to sleep, bed them skins of dead animals. Seeing a large number of skins of bison, bears, deer, ROE deer, Martens, greedy guests decide to take them. After killing the host, they started to put the skins into bags. Almost all skins were Packed, when suddenly, a powerful stream of water blocked the exit from the cave. The intruders were trapped.

And so was formed Blue lake, or Lake of Abkhazian elder, whose waters resemble the blue eyes of the old man, whose body remained at the bottom, and the open eyes gave unusual color to the waters of the lake.”

Also according to popular belief, if you wash in the lake, getting any younger, but, more importantly, not to overdo it.

The next attraction on the way to Ritsa lake is the Yupsharsky canyon. I would like to say that all the road to the lake Riza passes along a very beautiful river Bzyb, which in Yupsharsky canyon empties its tributary the river Gega. The canyon lasts for 8 kilometers. The narrowest point of the canyon called the Yupshara gates. Here two rocks almost meet, and between them lurks a narrow strip of the sky, and with high sheer curtain rods hanging down ribbons of moss and branches of ivy. It is a miracle of nature, at an altitude of 400 m above sea level.

Here, near the road, is an enormous stone – the so-called kissing Rock. According to legends need to make a wish and kiss the stone, then it will come true.

The next attraction is the Male tears waterfall. The legend is the tears of the beloved Adgur Amry.

On, passing the lake Ritsa, we were taken to the waterfall, the Bird’s beak, there is an observation deck from which a magnificent view of the lake Ritsa from the height of bird flight, but on the lake I will discuss in the next part of her story, but for now let me introduce the waterfall, the Bird’s Beak.

And finally, the profile of Stalin in the rock.

P. S. In the next part of my story I’ll show you the Lake Ritsa, the Milky waterfall, Observation deck “farewell homeland” and many more interesting things.

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