Fishing in Karelia

Country: Russia: Karelia

The Republic of Karelia – this is an awesome fabulous place. Rivers, rocks, swamps, endless taiga, numerous lakes, crazy sunsets and unforgettable white nights – it is also all of Karelia. Fishing in a place and is popular among experienced anglers and beginners of this business.

Experienced hunters will be happy to show you the fishing spots where you can fish while admiring the superb scenery of the Karelian. One of the favorite places for fishermen is recreation “Black rock” that is located on the yanisyarvi lake. At the base there are two stocked ponds where you can catch crucians and carps. Also we offer in rent to make boats, fishing rods and other necessary equipment. On this basis, fishing all year round: in winter mainly occurs ice fishing. The main prey in winter Karelian fishing is roach, perch and crucian carp.

On the base there are special equipped grounds with barbecue where you can help yourself, or boil a fish-soup, smoke the fish and fry kebab.

Men love fishing and the catch, they return home. And this is not surprising as fishing – it’s still a favorite gambling game that combines moments of complete silence, tranquility, privacy with unbridled enthusiasm, concentration and spectacular result!

Karelia – is really the center of this fishing, nestled among a few thousand transparent waters. In Karelia created all conditions for comfortable fishing – a large number of fishing bases are based on the wishes and needs of guests who like fishing. Here there is everything to create a truly homey, cozy and warm atmosphere. Guests can arrive to the recreation at any time of the year.

Summer fishing here lasts from early may to late November: you can use the float rod, spinning rod, fishing can be fly fishing and trolling on a special equipped boat. During this period, you will be able to catch trout, perch, whitefish, pike, roach, vendace, grayling, and burbot. Due to the lack of algal blooms can successfully catch all season.

Trophy fishing is the period of open water, i.e. from late may to early June and autumn from September to December, although in other months you can catch a real trophy fish.

Winter fishing occurs from December to early may: the Northern rivers and lakes of Karelia, can catch pike, perch, grayling, trout, burbot. The most comfortable and effective is the fishing in March and April.

In most of the Karelian rivers and lakes meet representatives of the coregonids and salmonids: grayling, trout, whitefish. Other types – burbot, roach, perch, pike, IDE.


In Karelia fishing often visit large well-known lakes: Onega and Ladoga. These places are ideal for trolling fishing for salmon. Even the lovers of fishing, often arriving in Karelia, trying to hunt the fish in Syamozero, jushkozero, Topozero, and relax on the banks of the rivers Kemi and the Vodla, Then, soil science, Shuya and Suna. In many reservoirs of pure water. If you want to catch a good catch of pike, you should come to Karelia in June or in late may.

Lakes differ from other lakes in Russia primarily by water temperature. Karelian lakes are cold, as summer in these places is short, the water temperature in the +20 here is a rarity. As a rule, in the cold waters doesn’t want to breed the plankton, so fish accordingly to eat almost nothing. Fish in these lakes grows very slowly. Heat-loving fish (carp), you except in the southern regions of Karelia, generally will not meet. Compared with southern waters, in the lakes of Karelia little vegetation. There is only cattails, reeds, potbelly and some species of algae. Therefore, in forest lakes, due to the fact that there is not enough food, there are only perches, which over time can turn into huge animals, weighing more than 50 kg.

The alkalinity of water and its colour, and accordingly the taste of the fish will depend on water supply. In the majority of Karelian lakes, water marsh, with a dark brown tint. Although there are many lakes and clear water with a bluish tint (in Orosei for example). Fish in such clear water are very shy. Therefore, in lakes with dark water one can catch at a short distance from the shore, but the lure with clear water will have to throw away a few meters.

The banks of the Karelian lakes densely overgrown with bushes and trees. To fish from the banks is not always safe. On the way to overgrown lakes you can often find a kind of box covered with seaweed where the depth can reach several meters and there is ice cold water. If you fall in such a place, you can not get out.

In Karelia there are features of fishing. And even here there are so many fish in southern latitudes, and forage base in the water scarce, the fish in Karelia there and gets caught, is worthy specimens of pike and perch. In these places, even an inexperienced person can easily catch a bucket of perch.

Holidays in Karelia – it is comfortable and prestigious. The Republic has different plots and cottages in Ceviche, Kizhi, Valaam. Even if you are going the company of friends (6-8 people), don’t worry, you will always find a place. Bases can also be arranged activities: snowmobile safaris and skiing in the winter; radial Hiking, water and Cycling; the gathering of berries and mushrooms in summer; rent of motor boats and snowmobiles to explore.

The number of days and nights: the Cost of fishing and accommodation – from 2000 RUR pers./day

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