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Lake Italy, holidays at the lakes of Italy – Garda, Como, Maggiore. Tours to Italy from St. Petersburg

The most famous lakes of Italy . where people come to relax from the time immemorial, are located in the North of Italy. Here, surrounded by Alpine mountains, you can enjoy the unique climate and amazing natural landscapes. Rest on the lakes of Italy is beautiful at any time of the year. Towering over the lakes of Italy, the mountains protect them from cold winds, creating favourable conditions for active recreation and relaxation. Clean and clear water lakes of Northern Italy . the mild climate and the unique nature of these places attract tourists from all over the world and make the holiday on the lakes of Italy an unforgettable pleasure. Add to this the numerous resorts of Italy with lots of different activities and the beautiful nature parks with its medieval castles, and You will realize that lakes of Italy – the perfect place for a comfortable stay.

The most popular among tourists are the lakes of Northern Italy – Garda, Como and Maggiore . These pre-Alpine lakes of Italy . famous for its amazing natural beauty and famous tourist resorts, are perfect conditions for active rest, practising water sports or simply relaxing. No wonder these places always had appeal to artists, writers and poets, who sang of the beauty of the lakes of Italy in their works. A special attraction of the holiday in pre-Alpine lakes of Italy gives the proximity of cultural and historical centers of Italy, accessible sometimes just for half an hour.

Lake Garda is the largest in Italy. Numerous palaces and castles, magnificent rocky landscapes and a mild, temperate climate make lake Garda one of the most respectable Italian resorts. The Italian lake Garda are health resorts with thermal baths and the famous amusement Park “Gardaland”. For lovers of surfing and sailing holiday on lake Garda is a real Paradise.

The Lake Como . North of Milan, it is the deepest lake in Western Europe. All the shores of lake Como are dotted with small cozy Italian towns, villas and villages in medieval style. On lake Como you can enjoy outdoor activities, rock climbing, horse riding and visiting the numerous architectural and historical landmarks. Some of them are the old Fort built in 1169 and the Cathedral of the Renaissance. A holiday on lake Como, Italy, one of the most comfortable and exciting activities.

Lake Maggiore is one of the most picturesque lakes in Italy . the Northern part belongs to Switzerland. All the most prestigious resorts of lake Maggiore are located on the West coast, boasting amazing views of the lake Maggiore and the Islands. Nature parks with amazing scenery and historic sights (first of all, the famous castle Angarski) make a vacation on lake Maggiore incredibly enjoyable and interesting.

Rest on the lakes of Italy – Garda, Como, Maggiore – this is a new unforgettable experience, familiarity with the unique nature of Italy and the monuments, the opportunity to practice your favorite sport and, finally, just spend time with your family or friends.


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