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Unique Khanka lake is contaminated with chemicals and pesticides – monitoring data

Home “Articles” Weekly Spassk “news” Unique Khanka lake is contaminated with chemicals and pesticides — the monitoring data

Agrochemicals and pesticides poison unique lake Khanka, located on the border of China and Primorsky Krai. The body is not able to cope with incoming economic-household and superficial sewage. This was reported at the seventh international ecological forum «Nature without borders», which continues its work in Vladivostok.

According to the Primorsky centre for monitoring environmental pollution, the water in the lake belongs to the class of «dirty» and contains large amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus. The main source of pollution of lakes were rice fields on both Russian and Chinese parts of the basin.

— Experts cite a lot of facts in the fields of Chinese pesticide production, which then fall into the lake. We offer not coordinate the invitation of foreign workers for companies that have breaches and inspectors organizations to more tightly control the quality of water discharged from the plantations, — said the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Primorye Victor Gorchakov/

The Khanka lake, pond border between China and Russia, is the largest freshwater lake in the East Asia and unique in biological diversity. There are 334 species of birds, and 41 of them are listed in the International Red book. 16 years ago the Russian side was created Khankaisky reserve, received in 2005 status of a biosphere reserve. In 1996 Russia and China signed intergovernmental agreement on establishment of a single international reserve «Lake Khanka», combining Khankaisky reserve of the Russian and Chinese «the Xingkai-Hu».

Discussion of problems of rational use of water has become one of the main topics of the forum «Nature without borders», which opened on 10 October in Vladivostok. It involved about 300 environmentalists, scientists, representatives of regional administrations from 18 countries, including Russia, Japan, China, USA, Republic of Korea and other countries. The main topics of the forum were the issues of environmental monitoring, waste management and rational use of water resources. Following the discussion today will be adopted a resolution, which will include participants developed proposals on environmental protection.


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