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River and lake – water element of this planet. Are there salt lakes, and rivers of color

Water element of the planet: lakes and rivers


It is considered that the main distinctive feature of the lake water from sea and ocean is the absence of the salt. However, this is a common misconception. Actually there are salt lakes. But the fact that the lake is not connected to the oceans — this is the main difference from the seas.

The lake is a big bowl filled with water.

The deepest lake on Earth — lake Baikal.

But in Algeria there is a lake, which is called Ink. It with water as ink, can write on paper. The fact is that in this lake flow two rivers, the composition of the water which is such that, when combined, they turn into a liquid similar to ink.

But in Russia, in the Chelyabinsk region, there is a lake, where the water is saturated with soda. In this water you can easily wash without soap — all the spots “away” by themselves.

In Sicily there is a very dangerous lake, which is called ” lake of Death. It is dangerous for plants and animals. On its banks grows nothing, and any creature caught in its waters, dies. The fact is that on the bottom beat two sources of sulfuric acid, which poisons the water.

Did you know that the Dead sea — this is the same lake? It is located in Palestine. Another of his name — Sea salt. This is one of the most saline bodies of water on our planet. That is why there is no life. But its water cures many diseases.

Where in the lakes water come from? Some of them beat underground keys, however they only can not bring enough water. And that’s when the help come to them of the river.


Where does the water in the rivers? As a rule, from mountain glaciers and snow: they melt, forming streams that in some place together — and it turns out the river. Other rivers are formed from the sources beating from under the ground. Place where river begins, is called the “source” — from the river to expire. And the place where the river ends is called the “mouth”. Is there a name in the middle of the river? It turns out — there. The path along which the river flows is called the “mainstream”. This path is often winding and difficult.

The longest river in the world — this is Neal — in Africa and the Amazon — in South America. Scientists-geographers today argue, the mainstream of which one is longer. One would think that it may be easier — you have just measured the entire length. It turns out, all is not so simple: of the Amazon a few mouths, so to specify its end point is not possible.

In Colombia there is an extraordinarily beautiful river caño Cristales (Caño Cristales), the title of which translates as Crystal river. This river is also called the River of five colors. It grow colorful algae and mosses, which give the water different colors: yellow, blue, green, black and red. Depending on the time of year or the color saturation is weakened or strengthened. Natural water in it so clear that the bottom is visible even at a decent depth, but the fish here is not found — because of the characteristics of the channel. This river is recognized as the most beautiful in the world.

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