Synopsis of the demonstrative lesson on the theme “Lake Baikal” – For kindergarten

The Abstract of the open lesson on the theme “Lake Baikal”

Synopsis open classes

Topic: lake Baikal – pearl of Siberia.

Preparation for school group

Objective: to acquaint children with the nature of lake Baikal


• Create a synopsis of reservoirs, find them on a map; to acquaint with peculiarities of oz. Baikal, its inhabitants; to teach to identify features of adaptation of animals to specific habitats (fish) ; to establish a simple causal relationship;

• To develop logical thinking, attention, dialog speech; fine motor skills; to increase vocabulary;

• To foster love and respect for nature and native land, to develop environmental activities.

Equipment: map of Irkutsk oblast, photographs and illustrations of the inhabitants of lake Baikal, the model for the structure of the fish cards for the didactic game “That is possible, what is not.”

Dictionary: the spawning, cold-water.

Integration of educational areas: reading of literature, communication, cognition, artistic creativity, socialization, health, physical culture.


Working with the map

-Look at the map. What are blue? (rivers, lakes) .

-Guess puzzles.

1. We say it flows.

We’re talking about – she plays.

She always runs forward

And lies – not to raise,

And runs – but not to catch. STREAM

4. In the middle is a mirror.

Glass blue, Rama green.

Their young birches in front of him

correct hairstyles.

And the moon and the stars reflected in it.

As this mirror is called? The LAKE

-River, sea, stream, lake – like in short to merge these concepts? (reservoir)

-What is the reservoir? (accumulation of water in the depression – natural or artificial) .

Find on the map the largest reservoir of our region (lake Baikal)

-What does the word “Baikal”? (Tr. “Bai-Kul” – rich lake, Bur. “Baigal” – the lake of fire) .

Showing photos with scenery of lake Baikal

-As a good sunset,

The water and the sky Shine with gold!

All was quiet and only the birds flock

Over the lake thoughtfully circling.

And those who will visit the lake Baikal,

Will not forget never

As the sun sank, alight,

How quiet the water will form a haze.

-Guys, what are we going to say? (about the Baikal)

-How old is he? (>26 million years)

Baikal is the oldest lake on the planet. It is not only the oldest but also the most profound. (comparison circuit) .

-Its depth is 1642 m. Scientists say that Baikal is a nascent ocean. Only in the ocean water is salty. And in Baikal? (fresh)

In lake Baikal is very rich in freshwater resources. That helps him to replenish their stocks? (underground springs, rivers, precipitation)

-That rivers are the main source of replenishment of fresh water.

-How many rivers flow into the lake? (>336)

-What are some of them (the Turka, the Snezhnaya, the Barguzin, the Irkut, the Selenga, Pokhabikha)

-In an ode to the lake is very cold. Even in summer not everyone dares to swim in cold water

-Why is it so cold? (because the lake is deep and the water is not warmed up fully) .

However, despite this the lake is home to over 1000 species of various animals and plants that have adapted to life in cold water. Their so – called- cold-water.

-Who is the main inhabitant of the aquatic environment? (fish, molluscs, crustaceans, algae) .


Take a look at how a variety of animals live in lake Baikal. What is the most fish on lake Baikal? (Cisco)

-Omul – fish that lives only in lake Baikal. It really glorified the lake. One of the symbols of lake Baikal is omulevaya barrel – the same one where he fought the winds-giants Kultuk and Barguzin.

-Cisco means “wandering whitefish”. And that’s why it is so called. In late summer the fish going in shoals and spawn, i.e., lay eggs. He can go against the flow quite a long distance.

-Why did the fish go into the rivers to spawn? (because in the rivers the water is warmer than the lake)

-When the eggs will fry, they begin the path back to the lake. The majority of fry are killed during the journey. Those who returned safely, grow and develop, to then themselves produce offspring.

Physical exercises

“Populate Baikal”

-Before you the layout of the lake. What it is empty and lifeless.

-What can we do to keep it was so empty (allowed to settle)

Is the Baikal any fish you know? (whitefish, carp, sturgeon, golomyanka, burbot, trout)

-Today you will repopulate the lake with fish, sculpted from salt dough. Think and choose the fish you will sculpt.


Guys, we can do that in Baikal has not ceased to dwell in various animals, fish and plants? To nature has always pleased us with its beauty?

-Chooses cards, which depict situations that you cannot do.

-If we will care for and protect nature, then she will delight us with the beauty of plants and animals, the purity of the sky, transparency of water.

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