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Several clean lakes where you can swim in the Leningrad region

Lovers to swim in Saint Petersburg it should be remembered that as a rule all the waters and rivers in connection with pollution are only used for relaxing on the beach.

Slightly better is the situation with deep glacial lakes in the Leningrad region, which are powered by pure underground springs. Some of these lakes are officially included in the list are suitable for swimming. With the onset of summer in the news will see the official information of the resolved places for bathing.

Since the places for swimming in St. Petersburg is not clean water, we will go to far from the city and clear lakes in the Leningrad region, where you can relax and swim.

— the Radon lake in the Lomonosov district, D. Lopukhinka.

The lake contains chemical element radon, which is why the water in the lake is incredibly clean and transparent, at the bottom there’s no vegetation, no plankton, no any other animals.

— Very clean lake Swinscoe in the Luga district.

Amazingly clean Swinscoe lake near the city of Luga of Leningrad region. Is recognized each year as suitable for bathing. There is a convenient sandy beach for everyone, and there is a popular children’s health complex “Luga”. The water here warms up pretty quickly.

— Azure Lake in Vsevolozhsk area.

The lake is really turquoise color. Located on 33 kilometre of Murmansk highway and only 17 kilometers from the Ring road. Its main advantage over the majority of the lakes described here: there is a cottage that is actually prepared to any kinds of outdoor activities: water slide, water Park, reversing Wake Park, paintball club, volleyball (4 fields), mini-football, hire of catamarans and so on and so forth.

— an Artificial pond Igora Priozersky district.

No, you heard right. The famous winter resort continues its work in the warmer months. For this there was created an artificial clean water reservoir (also called Igor).

— Pure Feats of the Lake in the Priozersk district of the Leningrad region.

Here is the famous “Ho Chi Minh Trail”, here are the famous festival “Climbing for everybody”.

And it is these landscapes with majestic cliffs and cold waters admired Dumas, who came to Russia in the late 1850 ‘ ies. The lake water is clean and bathing is quite cold to swim there will be a difficulty, but to run on the warm coastal water will be sure.


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