Underwater world

Today preparation for a new release in the series of programmes ” On the tracks of Pugacheva », looked into the shop ” Underwater world ” ( 55°11′13.7″N 61°26′15.6″E) in Chelyabinsk.

We continue to search for the treasure Pugachev. After Yemelyan met with Decolongon, he hurriedly went out of Troitsk and went to the side of Chebarkul. According to legend, Pugachev hid the treasure at the foot, or maybe on the Pugachev mountain (54°54′41.1″N-60°20′08.6″E). Its other name is Malkowska mountain, it is located 500 metres from the highway M5-Ural. All this area is, of course, studied both locals and scientists and all kinds of grinders. According to another legend “Ordered Pugachev Gryaznova hastily removed from the mill, lead troops in Chrysostom, and good to bury in a safe place, lest it might fall into the hands of evildoers”. Buried in lake Inyshko (55°11′12.4″N-60°04′56.3″E). If anyone is interested in this legend, we will announce in the future programme. Lake Inyshko not large, forest, rich forest debris, silt. In search of treasure, were drowned here more than a dozen divers.

On the recommendation of friends, we go in the ” Underwater world ” ,which is located on Victory Ave 100. There are going to pros and Amateurs of underwater hunting, scuba diving, as presented here, the entire range for diving and spearfishing. So here you can meet people are able to go to program ” Jeepers ” in a dangerous lake Inyshko.

Met with the store Manager, who kindly agreed to help us in the filming as soon as the ice melts. While we were chatting, I saw the dresses on 100 litres. He remembered how wet things when we all drowned in Inzerskoy Subcateg . Decided it was time to buy them.

Why you need a dry sack? Especially on the 100L? This is a very handy thing, in my opinion. When folded takes up little space, and if you put all your personal belongings, you can paddle down the river on the Board. A waterproof bag in the boat with you to save space on the raft may be in the water. While things will remain dry. This is of course the word literate marketers who decided to increase the sale of these bags. But we need these bags for personal items, clothing, sleeping bag and so on. Things put, the bag secured to the trunk forwarding. The contents are protected from water and dirt, place in the trunk released for imaging equipment. The problem is, we only have to check it all in practice.

While choosing waterproof bag, saw multitools… couldn’t resist…I have long wanted. Now we have a compact, quality instrument 23 which can hold everything in one hand. Will easily be able to break and repair everything we will need.

This ” jeep-drivers ” and every man should have tools near at hand, and these are also always with you. Comfortable at home, in the car and outdoors.


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