Location of lake Teletskoye and some comparisons with other bodies of water

The Teletskoye lake is situated between 51° 2′ 46″ and 51° 48′ 36″ North latitude and between 87° 14′ 40″ and 87° 50′ 54″ East longitude (from Greenwich), in the North-Eastern part of the Gorno-Altai Autonomous region (Altai Krai of the RSFSR).

Among the lakes of the USSR Teletskoye occupies a special position and is of great interest primarily for its geological (origins), morphology (the structure of the lake baths), morphometric (digital characteristics size and shape of lake basins), hydrological (physical and chemical properties of water) and biological characteristics.

Teletskoye lake is located at an elevation of 436 meters above sea level. In this respect, among the large lakes of our country it is inferior to Sevan (the height of 1914 meters), Issyk-Kul (1609 m) and lake Baikal (elevation 456 meters), but is higher than the other lakes. The amplitude of the height of the lakes fluctuates within about 5 kilometers. So, one of the highest located lakes of Hora in Tibet lies at an altitude of 4400 metres above sea level and the Dead sea in Palestine — at 392 meters below sea level.

The greatest known depth of lake Teletskoye is 325 meters, the average depth of 174 meters. These indicators characterize the Teletskoye lake as one of the deepest lakes in the globe. It takes a maximum depth of fifth place among the lakes of our country after lake Baikal (1620 m), Caspian (980 meters), Issyk-Kul (702 m) and lake Sarez (505 meters) and 25-th place among lakes in the world, surpassing in this respect such well-known lakes, like Geneva (310m), Constance (276 m), mi (263 km) and many others.

The Teletskoye lake basin (catchment area) is 20800 square kilometers, ie, more than the territory of the Republic of Israel or half of Switzerland. From the entire catchment basin share of the river Chulyshman have 17600 square kilometers and the remaining 70 tributaries lakes 3200 square kilometers.

The Teletskoye lake basin area exceeds the water area of the lake is 90 times that of lake Baikal — only 17 times. In relation to the water area of the reservoir pool of lake Teletskoye is quite large.

Teletskoye lake is exceptionally rich in influent rivers and streams (71), so 1 kilometer of coastline have 0.4 and 1 square mile of water surface is 0.3; the corresponding figures for lake Baikal (0.2 and 0.01) levels were significantly lower.

Tributaries annually contribute in Teletskoye lake from 6.3 to 7.8 cubic kilometers of water, almost the same number it carried from the lake the river Biya, which flow to the lower reaches doubles (15 cubic kilometers). Counting Peverelist P. P. (1934), in the total consumption of lake Teletskoye during the year, the flow through the BII is 98 percent, and 2 percent is spent for evaporation.

Teletskoye lake holds 40,2 cubic kilometers of water. The ratio of volume to area is for the lake Teletskoye 174, for Baikal — about 700 (this figure corresponds to the average depth of lake in metres).

The water surface area of lake Teletskoye — to 230.8 square kilometres. For its size lake Teletskoe inferior to many lakes it considerably surpasses in its depth.

As you can see, four of the six continents (Eurasia, and Y. S. America, Africa) there are many large and deep lakes. In the Soviet Union are the largest and deepest lake of the globe.

Lake Teletskoe is among the most beautiful lakes and the beauty of digital indicators to measure and hard to Express. Its shores resemble and sing the songs of lake Baikal and the world-famous lake Ritsa in the Caucasus (at the height of 950 meters, the area to 1.32 square kilometers, the depth of 116 meters).

It seems to us that Teletskoye lake is more beautiful, more picturesque lake Baikal, lake Ritsa and others. On lake Baikal is visible, as a rule, one shore, another is lost in the distance, the lake looks like the sea. Teletskoye lake the shore of the Baikal type, but they are separated by only several kilometers of water, and this gives the lake a special charm and enchanting beauty. Teletskoye lake can be called a kind of “small Baikal”, and lake Ritsa is only a small “model” of lake Teletskoye. Therefore, enthusiasts of the “Holy sea” and the fans resort lake Ritsa will find in the Altai mountains is not only familiar features favorite ponds, but also something new.


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