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12 September is celebrated as a regional holiday - Day of Baikal. Day Baikal established in 1999, after turning the lake into the UNESCO world natural heritage site by UNESCO…

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Unique Khanka lake is contaminated with chemicals and pesticides - monitoring data
Home "Articles" Weekly Spassk "news" Unique Khanka lake is contaminated with chemicals and pesticides — the monitoring data Agrochemicals and pesticides poison unique lake Khanka, located on the border of…

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Red lake

Red lake salt lake in Bolivia

We have already talked about the unusual lakes in the Andes earlier. It was a well-known lake Titicaca. In Bolivia on the high plateau there is still salt and fresh lakes. One of them has the name Colorado Lagoon (Laguna Colorado) or red lake.

It is surrounded by misty cliffs and boiling geysers. The second nearby Laguna Verde (Laguna Verde) has the green color of the water. Next to these lakes, stretches of sea salt. This solar de Juni, a huge salt flat. Once in its place was the waters of the ancient lake. Now only a swift breeze rolls salt dunes on the dune. The thickness of the minerals can reach six meters. Walk on it quite a dangerous occupation, because the salt marsh is possible to fail. As we walking on the frozen lake in winter.

Red lake of the Cordillera

A wonderful place where the land is perceived as a Mirage. The lake shining in the sun sometimes it is just an ice desert. Night stars exactly light up the purple sky and surrounding mountain scenery. Not every fiction writer, describing the planet, Mars has a paint that is of a local nature.

Near Laguna Colorado begins a local landmark national Park Eduardo (Eduardo Avaroa). The lake water is red brick and very salty. The water acquires a red color because of plankton and trace metals in the soil. In this lake many pink flamingos. The birds came to taste the local plankton. It has become a great place to observe the beautiful bird. Due to low temperatures poultry flocks is less mobile than usual. That gives you the opportunity to approach them quite close. Flamingos are particularly beautiful, if you watch them early in the morning, with the sun rising. The birds plumage becomes pink due to the plankton, which in large quantities they eat. Once in captivity, very quickly, the pink Flamingo be, just a white bird.

A lakeside home to several species of flamingos and rare species such as flamingos James.

Somewhere in the distance a hundred miles away is Green lake. And between them the thermal area consists of hot springs, mud volcanoes and fumaroles. The government attempts to use geothermal energy of the earth. But then wells, it does not move. There is a small white salt lake(Solar de Chalviri).On its shores many warm thermal springs where you can swim.

Where is Laguna Colorado

The lake is situated on the Altiplano plateau. Its coordinates. 22°11.55. South latitude, and 67°46.52. West longitude. On the border of three countries Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. At the height of three hundred meters above sea level. Near the lake there is a small hotel in which if you want you can stop for the night. For morning to fully enjoy the view of majestic flamingos.

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