Top 10 biggest lake in the world
The beauty of our planet lies in its mountains, forests, plains, cliffs and, of course, lakes. It is true that we have already considered various man-made reservoirs, but now we…

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"volcanic lake"
Currency can be exchanged at the airport, specialized exchange offices in banks, in hotels and in the markets (though they are quite bad). In major tourist areas accept US dollars…

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The biggest lakes in the world

Mosaic planet

Hearing the word «lake» we often represented a small pond. However, the largest lake on the planet look completely different than we imagine them to be.

At last, the tenth largest is lake Nyasa. It is situated simultaneously in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and in Africa. It is an area of 30.8 km2. The depth of 706 m. the lake is home To 230 species of fish. There are hippos, crocodiles.

In ninth place is the lake in Canada called Big Bear lake. Its height above sea level is m. An area of about 30,000 km, and depth is 137m. The only settlements on the lake are Delaine and Echo Bay.

In eighth place among the great lakes is the deepest lake of the planet — the Baikal. It is located in Eastern Siberia and is of tectonic origin. Width of Baikal lake from 25 — 80 km Depth m. More than half a year the lake is constrained by ice and ships can move only from June to September.

Seventh place at the Central lakes of Africa – Tanganyika. It was first discovered in 1858 by the English traveler R. Burton and his colleague J. The ACNP. The length of the lake is 650 km and in width it reaches 40 — 80 km Coastal landscapes are basically huge rocks. The lake is about 170 endemic species.

The Aral sea in sixth place among the largest lakes of the planet. The lake is endorheic and saline, is located in Central Asia. Prior to the shallowing, it was the fourth largest in the world. According to calculations of scientists to rescue him fail, and by 2020 it will disappear.

Fifth place on the list is lake Michigan. Its area is approximately 57750 km2, length 500 km, width of 190 km, a depth of 281 m. Its name comes from the word mishigami, meaning “large water” in the language of the ojibwa Indians.

In fourth place on the scale is lake Huron. Its area 59600 km2 and the depth is 229 m. the Name comes from the Indian tribe of Huron. Here is the biggest island in the world — Manitoulin.

Lake Victoria occupies in the list of great lakes third place and it is located in East Africa. In 1858 it was opened by John Henning Speke, giving the lake a name in honor of the Queen. The length of the lake is 320 km, and the width is 275 km.

Second place in the ranking of the largest lakes in the world is lake superior. In the North it borders with Canada, West to Minnesota, South to Michigan and Wisconsin. Its origin is connected with the melting of glaciers, retreat of which has formed several large lakes.

In the first place is the biggest lake on the globe — the Caspian sea. Located at the junction of Asia and Europe. Its form resembles the letter S. the Average depth of this sea of 208 m. Its area 371000 km2. In the Northern part of the coast-line is indented with tributaries of the Volga and Ural.

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