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Today preparation for a new release in the series of programmes " On the tracks of Pugacheva », looked into the shop " Underwater world " ( 55°11′13.7″N 61°26′15.6″E) in…

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Several clean lakes where you can swim in the Leningrad region
Lovers to swim in Saint Petersburg it should be remembered that as a rule all the waters and rivers in connection with pollution are only used for relaxing on the…

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Ecotourism. The most amazing lakes in the world

Since late 20-ies, substantially increased the attention to environmental protection. Now, not only environmentalists, but also ordinary people think in order to make a contribution to the preservation of the ecological system of the Earth.

Simultaneously with the development of tourism there was such a thing as ecotourism. It’s not just trips or tours to national parks and reserves. Ecotourism cultivates the correct attitude to nature, eco educates and promotes the preservation of pristine nature.

Frustrating is the fact that ecotourism is a little-known pastime for citizens of the former USSR and in the West it is widespread. The main purpose of this type of tourism is not to harm the nature. During such trips tourists use only environmentally friendly transport, they make camp only in permitted places and collect the gifts of nature only in special areas.

Objects of ecotourism natural and cultural attractions, natural and man-made and natural landscapes. Thus travelers do not climb into the jungle, and visit any object of historical or cultural value to humanity.

Ecotourism is very attractive for travelers who prefer active leisure. Mostly tourist routes pass through wild areas of nature. Fans of nature have the opportunity to learn the protected areas, climbing on rocks, geysers, to observe rare flora and fauna right in the lap of nature.

In many countries, such tourism focuses on the state level. In Kenya, Costa Rica, Tanzania and some other countries of Latin America and East Africa eco-tourism has become the main source of replenishment of the budget.

The most amazing lakes in the world

Lovers of ecotourism and nature lovers will be interested to spend the most amazing lakes of the world. Excursions on the lakes not as popular as the oceans, seas and rivers. Although they, too, have a long history and are not inferior in beauty. This list presents the most amazing lake that you just need to visit this connoisseur of nature.

16 emerald lakes in Croatia called Plitvice lakes

Connected unusual waterfalls. These falls occur when the fallen branches and the leaves are covered with “chalk plants”. When these plants die, they become solid and block the river, forming new waterfalls.

Lake Baikal, Russia

Has rightfully earned the name of the deepest lake on the planet. Especially beautiful is the lake in the summer. The most remarkable place is the mountain of Chersky, the Shumilikha river, Cape Kotelnikovsky and the Aya Bay.

Shooting “Hell’s lake”, the island of Java in Indonesia

It is located in the crater of a volcano and consists of concentrated nitric and sulfuric acid. Around the lake are seen the black holes surrounded by yellow gray. Using them out toxic gases bubbles, which burst and emit a sound similar to a gunshot.

Peyto lake in Canada

Amazing lake, an incredible shade of blue which give pieces of rocks, washed into the lake by melting glaciers.

Kliluk spotted lake, Canada

One of the most mysterious places on the planet. The peculiarity of it is that in summer, when the water evaporates, the lake covered with colored films made of minerals that then harden. And they change color depending on the weather.

Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia

This mountain lake is the largest reserves of fresh water. The plane of the lake, rather like the sea, but from the shore in places like the swamp, overgrown with reeds. Cane locals do and clothes, and hats, and bags, and even house and island rafts, live right on the lake.

Change “heavenly lake”, China and North Korea

Is the highest crater lake. One of their beliefs says that from heaven to the shores of a mountain lake came Hanun, whose son founded the Korean state Cocoon. Another myth States that Kim Jong Il was born here, on the shores of the Heavenly lake.

Hillier, Middle island, Australia

Scientists are still not able to unravel the mystery of this unusual color of water. On which island is this amazing lake is closed for tourists, so all the pictures of the lake taken from the height of bird flight.

Asphalt lake Pitch lake, Trinidad

This lake is all filled with pure semi-liquid asphalt. This is because it has a connection with the mouth of an active volcano.

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