The deepest lake in the world

Our country is the largest in the territory. And correspondingly, many natural sites in Russia are exceptional and unique. And one of these magical places can definitely be considered the deepest lake in the world. It is, of course, about the lake Baikal which is in Siberia.

The most amazing and deepest lake in the world

The epithet “most-most” is best suited to lake Baikal. After all, it is the deepest lake in the world . as well as the deepest trench on Earth and the largest reservoir of the purest drinking water. Hard to imagine that the amount of collected water here he is ahead in several times North American Great lakes combined.

The area, which covers the deepest lake in the world Baikal . equal to a little less than 32 thousand square kilometers. The deepest point on the lake is measured at 1186 meters, the average depth of lake Baikal is more than 700 meters. By the way, not all lakes can boast even the maximum values of such depth.

Disputes about the deepest lake

Despite the fact that Baikal has long been recognized as the deepest lake, recently started to have some disputes about it. Some believe that the world’s deepest lake – Ladoga . But this statement is totally wrong. Because its depth is 230 meters, and therefore it is not included even in the leaders of the deepest lakes in the world.

And other lakes far from the values of lake Baikal. The second deepest lake in the world . Tanganyika, lake Baikal is smaller by almost 200 meters. The age of Baikal is about 25 million years, whereas the usual lake after 15 thousand years becomes shallow and filled with silt. This proves another surprising and unique feature of this lake.

Mysteries Of Baikal

Despite all the questions and riddles that specifies the Baikal scientists, none of them more no doubt, what is the deepest lake in the world . But before them Baikal puts all new and new challenges, the answers to which are yet to be received. So, it is known that the lake has a rift origin, but this system is so complex that there is no consensus about its creation.

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