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Crystal-clear lake königssee – news GoGetNews

This beautiful lake is situated in Germany, on the territory of the National Park Berchtesgaden in southeastern Bavaria. Emerald pond is nestled among mighty mountains and unique in the beauty of the Alpine scenery.

The unique nature and surprisingly clean lake water attract many tourists and lovers of active recreation. If You have not yet decided where to fly to have a rest this year, and don’t have your tickets, we strongly recommend to visit this beautiful place. Here you will find not only a unique nature and many historical monuments.

Crystal-clear lake königssee stretches in length from North to South almost to the border with Austria 7.2 miles, and in width it reaches 1.2 km. There is a lake at an altitude of 602 meters above sea level and its depth is about 190 meters. Research shows that it was formed during the last ice age by melting glaciers.

This unique lake famous for its pure water and has the status of the cleanest water body in Germany. In order to maintain its natural purity, to walk on water is allowed only on a rowing or motor boats. On the East side of the lake rises mount Watzmann is the third highest peak in Germany. The legend says that it was named after the brutal Bavarian king, whom God punished by turning him and his family in a large mountain.

The lake shore is very steep and overgrown with dense forest, so to get around by transport or walking impossible. Cliffs surrounding the königssee, create a special acoustic effect of multiple echoes with clean sound. Tourists while walking around the lake on a boat will demonstrate this amazing natural phenomenon, playing Bavarian music on the trumpet.

In the middle part of the reservoir is located on the Peninsula built in the 12th century Church of St. Bartholomew, which is a popular place of pilgrimage. In this regard, this pristine waterfront has another name – the lake of St. Bartholomew. Here, nearby is the old hunting castle of the Bavarian rulers, small hotel, several fish restaurants and an ice chapel that preserves the permanent set even in summer.

On the only island, located in the Northern part of the lake, with a marble statue of St. John of Nepomuk, protecting the surrounding area from hazards. North Bay is called “artist’s corner” because it offers an amazingly beautiful view, and many painters come here to capture this beauty.

Another attraction is the königssee, eagle’s nest tea house that Hitler built by Martin Bormann at the height of 1834 metres on mount Kehlstein the 50th anniversary of the führer.

The Germans reverently safeguard the amazing nature of this area, rich in rare specimens of fauna and flora. Here, for example, there are blue Edelweiss. The lake teemed with trout and trout that lures the masses here fishing enthusiasts. Summer on the lake is very warm, it is possible not only to fish, swim, and sunbathe.

The mild climate, the healing mountain air, mineral springs contribute to the beneficial effects of nature on health of the guests. For a comfortable stay in the vicinity of königssee there are restaurants, shops, bars, cafes, Golf clubs, discos, tennis and squash courts and much more.

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