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Danakil – desert volcanic, nothing like the "classic" faded desert sand seas, with their veil of millennial peace. There is constantly felt seismic activity: sensitively dormant volcanoes, bubbling chemical lake.…

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Japan. Part three. Noboribetsu-Sapporo-Asahikawa
A continuation of the rich program of our four-day trip was a visit to Noboribetsu. In this town we arrived to the hotel Takimoto Inn. And the main point of…

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New Hampshire

New Hampshire (eng. New Hampshire) is a state located in the North-Eastern United States, part of New England. A population of 1 318 194 people (2011). The 217 area of 24 km2. The capital city is Concord. The state has a common border with the canadian province of Quebec on the North, the Eastern border with the Atlantic ocean and Maine, the southern border with Massachusetts, West to Vermont. In 1788 it became the 9th consecutive U.S. state.

Attractions of the state

In the cities of Portsmouth and Concord, there are several restored monuments, which are about 200 years old. In the state capital is the Capitol building in 1819. Popular places among tourists are the beautiful lake Champlain, mount Washington height, which is 1916 meters with an Observatory, hotel tip-Top house in 1852, the waterfall basin. In the nature Park Franconia Notch is a rock old Man mountain, the outlines of which resemble the human figure. In new Hampshire there are many ski resorts, you can visit the historic stark Park, the house-Museum of poet Robert frost.

Geography and climate

The coastline of new Hampshire to the Atlantic ocean is 29 kilometers. In the Northern part are the White mountains. The highest point is mount Washington, whose height of 1,916 meters. In the middle of the state lies the new England upland, in the South-Eastern part is a lowland seashore. The main rivers are the Merrimack and Connecticut. Largest lake – Winnipesaukee. Only on the territory of the state is about 1,300 lakes and ponds. The climate is continental. The summer is usually warm and short and winters are snowy and harsh. Upstate winter temperatures can reach -20°C. In July, daily temperature is 24-28°C, night 15°C. In a year, there are about 20 storms and no more than 2 tornadoes. Often storms or hurricanes.

Developed flour-milling, leather and footwear, textile production, machinery, and electronics manufacturing. Produces optical devices, tools for optical fibers, equipment, bearings, equipment for printing presses, medical equipment. Granite is mined in quarries, natural stone, sand and gravel. Since a large area of the state forested, it produces large amounts of lumber, paper products. In agriculture growing potatoes, corn, cranberries and blueberries, have been breeding cattle, birds. About 15% of residents work in the service sector and tourism. Also there are more than 20 vineyards, make wines, ports and liqueurs. Made several kinds of cheese, maple syrup.

Population and religion

In Manchester and Nashua is home to more than 400 thousand people. The racial makeup of new Hampshire: at 93.9% white, 2.2% are Asian, and 1.1% African American, 0.2% native Americans. The white population of the state has a predominantly French or French canadian is 24.5%, Irish – 21,5%, English – 17,6%, Italian – 10,3%, German 8.4% in the region of origin. In the state the largest percentage of ethnic French that is associated with historical events and with the territorial proximity of the French border. About 72% of state residents are Christian (35% Catholic, 32% Protestant), 6% Baptist, 3% Methodists, 6% are Ministers of the United Church of Christ, Mormons, Adventists, and other, 17% are atheists.

Did you know.

Here are officially allowed not to wear seat belts in the car, if the person has attained the age of 16.

Residents of the state not subject to income tax and sales tax.

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