Underwater world
Today preparation for a new release in the series of programmes " On the tracks of Pugacheva », looked into the shop " Underwater world " ( 55°11′13.7″N 61°26′15.6″E) in…

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Moscow Hanoi Vietnam tours prices, Vietnam Hanoi, da Nang, da lat Viet Nam Saigon
Loading of the module of search tours ... Moscow Hanoi Vietnam tours pictures description resorts. Picturesque Hanoi Vietnam. Resorts In Da Lat Viet Nam Saigon. Vietnam Da Nang. Moscow Hanoi…

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Travel to Philippines

To the Philippines – via Hong Kong.

To the Philippines via Bangkok.

To the Philippines via Dubai.

The algorithm of searching for cheap flight tickets.


the Philippines

The island of Palawan: underground river, the amazing marine world, pristine beaches…

Historic towns and mountain scenery of the island of Luzon.

South Luzon – Mayon volcano and the national Park Isarog.

Volcanic lake Taal and mountain lookout.

The Islands of Bohol and Boracay island: beach holiday, and not only…


in the Philippines

Review of regional airlines.

Sea transport. Step-by-step video instructions: purchase of tickets and booking of cabins on the site of the main sea carrier (2GO Travel).

The bus company..

Railway on the island of Luzon.

The hire – a personal recommendation.

Exotic transport modes – jeepneys, cars, tricycle.

Author movie guide –

What is video curator?

The video guide is a format of presenting information about cities

and the countries that we came up with.

The video guide is written in the format of the course is the most convenient way to absorb information.

The video guide is created by an independent

for independent travellers


Unlike many other travel guides, movie guide information not only on attractions ,

but also a lot of practical information for independent

travelers – how to get, how to get from

airport how to save money on transport, where and what

to eat, etc.

Getting practical information in advance

You will not be wasting your time and money in

journey. Can see more for less


So it is always

relevant. When something changes, we immediately do

update. All updates are free.

You get a video guide instantly. immediately after the payment is

it comes in the mail, which You leave when you order.

The information is presented in the simplest form and

to digest the first time. Don’t waste time on your trip

to review any parts. Simply

to print a map where to mark all the objects that You

want to visit.

You prepare better than would be produced

independently for several months.

The Lake of Altai: where better to go for a vacation?
The choice of the region Age category site 18+ Lake of Altai: where better to go for a vacation? As it turned out, the choice is huge. In the Altai…


A Trip to the lake Shap ()
Hi all! I want to tell you how we went to the lake Shap in our the Mari Republic! Shap is a lake, go 21 km on the highway and…