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Wildlife Sanctuaries of the Pinega land and the Kargopol area: 40 years on nature conservation · site of the government of the Arkhangelsk region

In the South-West of the Monastery of the sanctuary is a large lake Red Perch

On March 4, in the Arkhangelsk region, three protected areas (PAS) regional value – Monastery, sursko and Filatov reserves – has just celebrated 40 years since the Foundation. They are located in Onega and Kargopol districts.

As noted by the Deputy head of the Centre for environmental protection of the Arkhangelsk region Yuliya Khrustaleva, all three of the refuge have biological profile.

This means that they are all created with one purpose – the preservation, reproduction and restoration of populations of animals, plants, birds, their habitats and overall ecological balance, – said Yuliya Khrustaleva.

The Red lake Perch and bird colonies

In the South-West of the Monastery of the sanctuary is a large lake of Red Perch (old name – the Holy lake). In the Northern part of this lake there is a small island of Driftwood, which has become the habitat of huge numbers of birds. Here are real “rookeries”.

By the way, among the birds living in the reserve, identified 8 species included in the Red book of the Russian Federation and the Arkhangelsk region, including eagle owl, Tengmalm’s owl, Ural owl, whooper swans.

A special role in the protection of the cultural heritage of the reserve. Here is the Nikolsky skete verkolsky monastery, founded in 1885 by archimadrite Theodosius.

The hospital for the inhabitants of the forest

The Sursky nature reserve has an interesting landscape with hilly terrain. Its territory is cut up by valleys of rivers and streams belonging to the basin of the Pinega river. The reserve registered 4 species of amphibians, 72 species of birds and 31 species of mammals. There is quite a high number of elk, grouse, and brown bear.

Curiously, this reserve serves as a “maternity home” for forest dwellers. Here is the breeding of animals, and then they move to neighboring territories.

Protect all, especially the lesser white – fronted goose

Rare species of birds can be found in Filatov reserve. For example, it is home to the common crane, honey Buzzard, lesser white-fronted goose – these are included in the Red data book of the Arkhangelsk region. Lesser white-fronted goose, by the way, is protected at the Federal level.

Agricultural lands located within the boundaries of the refuge, have become a favorite destination for migratory birds. However, Filatov territory of the reserve is very popular with local residents. There is very high anthropogenic pressure.

Adherence to PA in all three sanctuaries provide the experts of the regional Center for the protection of the environment. And from illegal logging and fires local forest resources protect the inspectors Capogrosso, Sura Kargopol and forestry.

Recall that in 2015 in the Arkhangelsk region eight regional PA celebrate anniversaries. Festive relay race in February opened Solvychegodsk reserve. In may “the hero of the occasion” will be Selenga preserve, located on the territory Sensorscope forestry.


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