Location of lake Teletskoye and some comparisons with other bodies of water
The Teletskoye lake is situated between 51° 2′ 46" and 51° 48′ 36" North latitude and between 87° 14′ 40" and 87° 50′ 54" East longitude (from Greenwich), in the…

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It is believed that in the summer the traveler in India is nothing to do. Heat, monsoons, downpours – these words scare the most unpretentious Wanderers. However, in the North…

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The Lake of Altai: where better to go for a vacation?

The choice of the region

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Lake of Altai: where better to go for a vacation?

As it turned out, the choice is huge. In the Altai region there are about 11 thousand lakes .

– Once melted the glacier and formed a belt forests and lakes, – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Vladimir Kirillov . head of the laboratory of aquatic ecology Institute of water and ecological problems Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. – Most of the lakes along the hollows of ancient river – in the steppe Altai .

The largest lake

The area of salt lakes of the Kulunda 728 square kilometers! It is even called Altai sea. Drive up to it from the village Znamenka Slavgorod district. From village to “the sea” three miles. Here come people who don’t like to push, and are looking for space, solitude and silence.

The most famous

The most famous lake in the Altai yarovoye lake. On the shore is interesting metal sculpture – a monument to the crustacean Artemia. It is said that in some countries, this tiny creature make extremely expensive drugs, one gram of which is equivalent to a kilogram of gold. In Spring and precious crustaceans are “working” for free, making the lake medical.

No less famous in Altai and healing Zavyalovsky lake, near where salt, fresh and alkaline water bodies.

The salt

In the lake Kuchuk in Rodinskoye the area of the salt concentration of 300 grams per liter.

– It is possible to zeolites and kept fit as a fiddle – jokes leading research Institute for water and environmental problems Andrey Romanov . – On this beautiful lake it is better to call from Tyzeka. There’s quite a nice place, empties into the river, is fresh water. But there is no infrastructure.

The “meat”

Almost all lakes in the region are of valuable varieties of fish. So fishing in the Altai region will be definitely successful on the shores of lake Utkul the Trinity area. It even translates from the language of the local tribes as “cold lake”. It is easy to catch bream, perch, carp, tench, mirror carp. The lake has very clean water and there are no cancers. Also a lot of fish in the lake Cave, in lakes Mamontov, Burlin districts.

The most bizarre

On Kolyvan lake, famous for its amazing rocks, you can find unusual plant – water chestnut Chilim.

– This plant is a relic, preserved in some lakes of the Altai from the preglacial times, – says Andrey Romanov. – The shore of this unique lake in the summer is very crowded, especially on weekends.

– Okay, where recently there were people cleaning debris, is observed by Vladimir Kirillov. And yet, the man often behaves in a way that reminded me of Lamarck, who wrote “the impression that the man appeared on the earth to destroy itself and to create conditions intolerable to other living organisms”.

The most protected

In Charyshskoe district on Korgon ridge at an altitude of 1000 meters there is a very beautiful mountain lake. This is the upper reaches of the river Yin’s right on the border with Kazakhstan. Because of the inaccessibility here goes a few tourists. The place is totally fantastic and not trampled.

According to the official data in recent years in the lakes region caught the year more than 185 tons of fish, in rivers – 184 tons, in the reservoir – 118 tons.

This is useful to know

How to determine whether you can swim in the lake?

In 1996 on one of the lakes the children have an allergic rash on the skin. This was due to the fact that the lake was a large number of blue-green algae. And the question arose, how to be: to swim or not to swim in the lake if came ashore. After consultation with doctors from Belarus turned out a simple thing: when bathing people prichlenyaet to 150 ml of water. The recipe is simple: drive up to the lake, pour water in a glass of water. And should you decide to drink this water or not. Because she will inevitably get into the body. This very simple recipe.

Tourist health-improving complex “the Bay of fortune” – is located on the shores of picturesque lake Sokuluk in Kulundinsky district 1.5 kilometers from the station Kulunda. Lake with healing salt water and medicinal mud is not only a wonderful holiday destination but also perfect for the treatment of musculoskeletal, neurological, dermatological and internal diseases, which is confirmed by the results of the research Tomsk Institute of Balneology and years of experience of tourists and locals. At the base are the accommodation facilities the guests, Wellness complex, children’s and sports playgrounds, a cafe, and a spacious wood-fired sauna with cooling pool.

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