River and lake - water element of this planet. Are there salt lakes, and rivers of color
Water element of the planet: lakes and rivers LAKE It is considered that the main distinctive feature of the lake water from sea and ocean is the absence of the…

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Underwater world
Today preparation for a new release in the series of programmes " On the tracks of Pugacheva », looked into the shop " Underwater world " ( 55°11′13.7″N 61°26′15.6″E) in…

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Germany a book was published, warning of major geophysical catastrophe century Literature

German publishing house LAMBERT Academik Publishing a monograph by Leonid Papyrin “Sarez lake. The results of geophysical research, scenario catastrophe, security”. The book goes far beyond the scope of scientific work.

On the night of 5 on 6 February 1911 in 23 hours and 15 minutes in the Pamirs the event occurred, the consequences of which made significant changes to the local geography caused many troubles. After the earthquake of 9 points, the riverbed of the Murgab river was blocked. Under the rubble were two of the village. Killed 105 people. The Murghab river, with no way out, began to spread wide. So there was a lovely and extremely dangerous lake Sarez.

Already in the late 60-ies of the last century, scientists started talking about the lake Sarez as the giant mine in slow motion. As it turned out, springs punched their way through the dam. The filtering process is continuously washes away soil from the dam. Voids that lead to subsidence of the dam and lowering its height. Through these voids possible rapid breakthrough of the lake. But that’s not all. A giant formation of rocks on the right Bank of the lake is in an unstable state. Collapse of the right-Bank landslide into the lake, which is possible even at a weak earthquake, the amount of wave overflow of water through the lower part of the Usoi dam will be equal to 100 million cubic meters.

In the monograph by Leonid Papyrin the causes and scenario of the catastrophe described in detail, the Sarez lake in safe condition. And this should be done immediately.

In the case of a full-scale Sarez catastrophe automobile highway Dushanbe-Khorog (in that part where it runs along the Pianj) will be destroyed. All the bridges across the river Panj and the Amu Darya will be demolished or will become unnecessary as a result of displacement of the channel. Interrupted rail and road links between the three Central Asian republics. Huge mud-stone shaft at a speed exceeding 80 kilometers per hour burst into the Amudarya river and in a few days will reach the Aral sea. Will be destroyed hydromeliorative constructions in Uzbekistan and Turkmenia, the city of Khorog, Termez, Mary, Turkmenobade (Chardzhou), Nukus. In the disaster area will be about six million people. Millions will die of cattle, which will lead to the emergence of epidemics. Water gets in the oil products and toxic substances.

If you do not intervene in this natural process, a breakthrough of the dam and eliminating the lake Sarez inevitable. The only question is, when a catastrophe occurs.

Read more about the scientist and his book is the warning here .

Sarez lake (Kuli Sarez) is located in the Pamirs. Length about 55.8 km, depth about 500 m, water level of about 3263 meters above sea level, water volume is more than 16 km3. Area – 80 sq. km. Surrounding mountains rise above the lake more than 2416 meters.

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